ASUS Have A Customizable Mechanical Keyboard!?

  • Banleong
  • 2023-02-28
ASUS Have A Customizable Mechanical Keyboard!?

Calling all keyboard fans and everyone that love to customize their keyboards! Welcome the All-New ASUS ROG Azoth Keyboard! A fully customizable 75% keyboard that will take your custom keyboard hobby to the next level! This keyboard that ASUS have created surpasses traditional mechanical keyboards and you will definitely love it!

75% Keyboard – Gasket Mount

The ASUS ROG Azoth custom keyboard is a 75% gasket mount keyboard! It comes with a silicone gasket mount and comes with not 1 and not 2 but 3 layer of dampening form!

The dampening foam allows maximum efficiency on making your keyboard sound better during your typing experience! The foam cancels out the unwanted hollow sound, making it more solid, typing to your heart’s content!

Hot-swappable ROG NX Mechanical switch and keycaps

This keyboard also comes with hot-swappable ROG NX mechanical switches! Yes you read that right, it is no longer soldered on! Switches are now removeable and the ROG switches are pre-lubed too! No more agonizing moments of self-lubing every switch with Krytox 205G0 lube anymore! ASUS ensures that the lube is suffice in every switch, giving you less friction and achieving smoother keystrokes, more consistency and better typing experience every time!

And the best part, ASUS Azoth keyboard is made of PBT doubleshot keycap, giving you a premium and much more comfortable user experience!

Enhanced Typing experience: Stablizers

ASUS didn’t just stop at their switches for the lubing part, they pre-lubed their stablizers too! The larger keys such as space bar and enter key comes with pre-lubed stablizers that allow you to press the keys with confidence without feeling the wobble! Everything is packed firmly and to stabilize the keycap for a more comfortable typing experience!

Bonus features!

Who doesn’t like a bonus? This keyboard is awesome with this bonus feature! It also comes with an OLED Display & Three-Way Control Knob! The OLED panel allows you to customize based on what you need like battery levels, multimedia information or even custom animations as well as CPU temperature too! You can easily switch and make the adjustments you need based on your preference, as easy as 1-2-3!

This keyboard also connects via 3 different methods! Bluetooth, Wired USB and also 2.4GHz RF Mode! Interchange easily how you want to connect every time! Psst, no matter what are the type of connections you have chosen, experience low to zero latency for all your games! This keyboard is just as powerful giving you the most accurate and precise typing experience with no delays or latency!

Everything packed in this bad boy is what custom keyboard builders or ASUS fans have always wanted, and now ASUS made it possible! At an unbeatable price compared with other expensive custom keyboards experience a more intuitive and comfortable experience using this keyboard and see yourself soaring through all your games every time!

This keyboard comes in blue and red ROG NX switches, available at all major IT retailers near you, while stocks last!

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