Mighty . Superb . Impressive

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  • 2023-04-14
Mighty . Superb . Impressive

The most powerful laptop that money can buy is here, the all-new MSI Titan GT77 HX 13V Gaming Laptop has landed in Singapore and it’s here to make a difference in gaming!


13th Gen Intel i9-13980HX (Total of 24 Cores – 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores)

GeForce RTX 4090 16GB/GDDR6

DDR5 16GB (Upgradable to 128GB DDR5)

1TB NVMe M.2 SSD (Expandable to 2 more M.2 slots)

17.3” UHD MiniLED HDR 1000, 144Hz refresh rates IPS-Level


The design of this laptop is based on the previous generation MSI GT77 Titan, MSI stuck to a 17.3-inch display giving users a more familiar feel similar to the previous generation. The design comes with madness amount of RGB and a much sleeker look. Overall aesthetics is pleasing to all, especially for gamers and you will love it. From the keyboard to the air vents and more, different spectrums of RGB for everyone! Psst the RGB are customizable as well! *


Running on the latest Nvidia GeForce 4090 Graphics Card, this laptop literally wiped out all the other competitions out there in the gaming laptop scene! It sounds crazy but it is true! The graphic card is the best in the market right now, and provides an amazing gaming experience. With a refresh rate at 144Hz, visuals for games run much smoothly compared to other gaming laptop. This beast is capable of sharper visuals and giving gamers a more intense yet exciting experience during their gameplay! We definitely would recommend this laptop to any gamers that are in the competitive scene that would rather have something powerful they can bring around with to play their games everywhere and anytime!

MSI OverBoost ULTRA Technology

MSI have created the MSI OverBoost Ultra Technology that allows maximum combined performance from both the CPU and GPU without sacrificing frequency and stability! This new technology that MSI have tapped on allows the machine to combine both the CPU and GPU OR just the CPU alone to provide their best optimal performance.

Traditional systems will drop CPU performance when the GPU requires higher power, this thus creates instability and performance drops over time. With this new technology that MSI have created, they have surpassed traditional systems and create maximum efficiency for you to experience maximum performance!

Titan Cooling

With games that requires high specifications to produce the best performance, games would be taking on a toll on both the CPU and GPU, thus MSI have created the best cooling solution that can withstand any games effectively! The extreme Cooler Boost Titan System by MSI contains 4 fans, 8 pipes and 6 exhaust that effectively draw out the heat produced by both the CPU and GPU during your games and flushing it out via the exhaust giving you cool to touch experience. Your laptop would be able to perform well for your games and also stay cool always!

Connectivity – Desktop Level IO port(s)

With demands of users requiring to transfer files, charge your devices and more, MSI have created different unique IO ports on the MSI Titan GT77 that is on the same level of what traditional desktop has. The Titan GT77 contains USB-A & C, SD Card Reader, 3.5mm Audio Jack, HDMI port, Ethernet port, Mini Display Port and many more! Everything package in one that will make your life easier, just simply plug and play!


If you love RGB on keyboards and you love tactile switches, this keyboard is the bomb! With the RGB lighting, this keyboard really impresses us a fair bit. MSI has collaborated with Steelseries to produce the Cherry MX Low Profile mechanical switches. This keyboard is able to deliver a much more tactile and satisfying typing experience than most similar gaming laptops out there. Every tap is easy to get used to (even when we are more used to using a normal office style keyboard) and you can feel the smoothness of it in every single tap. During our gaming and typing test, there are no delays felt from one key to another, every actions during both tests were smoothly executed.


With such powerful specifications for this laptop all packed in a small package, the MSI Titan GT77 is the best laptop money can buy, and it literally will be the only laptop users will ever need! From video editing, to gaming and even your work or casual usage daily, throw any types of tasks at it, the Titan GT77 handles it all with ease!

The MSI Titan GT77 is now available at all major IT retailers near you and MSI Online Store! Hurry!
MSI Online Store ? www.bit.ly/MSISGOfficialStore

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