The Mouse That Surpasses Its Predecessors, The Razer Naga V2 Pro

  • Banleong
  • 2023-02-27
The Mouse That Surpasses Its Predecessors, The Razer Naga V2 Pro

With games getting more challenging and exciting, a good gaming mouse is vital for a more enjoyable gaming experience for gamers! Razer have created the ultimate gaming mouse that surpasses the predecessor the Naga Pro Wireless, the Razer Naga V2 Pro is now here!

Ergonomic designs

With the ergonomic design of this new mouse, it creates an intuitive feeling while using it. It is similar to the Naga Pro Wireless and when we tried it and it felt really comfortable. Trying it for a couple of games for Dota 2, it is easily adaptable as well. In Dota 2, we tried to engage the enemies of the bottom lane and casting spells accordingly based on our timing.

Dota 2 gameplay

Targeted spells like Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning of the Dota Hero Zeus, we can easily glide the mouse to the desired target and click it with ease. The fingers and thumb are comfortably set on the buttons and we can easily execute the action. Overall comfort is there even though the mouse looks bulky but the ergonomic contour(s) of the mouse allows easy usage and adapting to providing a better edge during the game.

Battery Life

Based on Razer website, it was said to last up to 150 hours on HyperSpeed technology, and they weren’t kidding. We managed to attain 5 days of use, pretty solid there. It is pretty close to what was described, Kudos to Razer for this!

Special feature – Magnetic interchangeable panels

Surprisingly, it is suitable for some minor edits of my own using Photoshop, I just have to swap in the 2 buttons panel for the 6 buttons panel (I am running on Windows 10 Pro).

Keys can be easily configured for the desired used. With such shortcuts available, everything is made easy. I can easily select what I need and execute the tasks.

Gaming is still ideal with this mouse as the 6 buttons can still be used for macro usage. Like you can easily set the keys you want for your games and get used to your macro training! Macro option is definitely a plus point for the product due to interchangeable panels however if you don’t have such habits, you can easily just change back to the default 2 buttons panel.

Razer Focus Pro 30, 000 Optical Sensor

A whopping Focus Pro 30,000 Optical Sensor is available on this bad boy, and as an average gamer, we can use this to our advantage for our games! This mouse will definitely come in handy for gamers as the sensors offers a more stable and consistent movement giving you better control for your gameplay!


The Razer Naga V2 Pro is definitely one of the best gaming mouse we have ever tried, it certainly can be an all-rounder for your daily use. With its contours made to fit hands of many sizes, you can certainly use it with ease.

The ergonomics factor of this mouse surpasses what we felt with the predecessors Razer Naga Pro Wireless even though the changes was not very obvious to our naked eye however the overall design makes the adaptability of the mouse even better than expected.

Battery life is definitely a plus as such high-performance mouse offers you almost 150 hours of usage, definitely no complains there. Side note, if you are keen on exploring macro level gaming, we strongly advice you to try this mouse.

For a start, the 6 buttons panel offers you a comfort starting point as your thumb can easily reach for the side buttons for your macro gaming, and thus you can slowly learn and adapt from there.

Where to get it?

If you are keen on getting this new mouse, you can get it at all major IT retailers near you, while stocks last!

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