Welcome The All-New Oral Care Expert, Usmile!

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  • 2022-11-18
Welcome The All-New Oral Care Expert, Usmile!

With a bustling and fast pace country like Singapore, most people are often too busy with other commitments to get your oral care in check. You may brush every morning before going to work and brush your teeth before going to bed but you definitely don’t visit your dentist every 5-6 months for your teeth and gums check!

Usmile is here in Singapore to help you achieve a brighter smile and improve your oral care! Usmile’s range of products are everything you will need to achieve a better oral care, effectively cleaning your teeth and gums to maintain a cleaner and healthier set of teeth!

Under Usmile’s range of products, we will recommend the U2S Marble-art Sonic Electric Toothbrush and the CY1 Soft Clean Water Flosser!

The U2S Marble-art Sonic Electric Toothbrush

This toothbrush is able to provide a deep clean and target those stubborn stains and plaque! You can adjust to your comfortability and clean with ease. The U2S comes with 4 different modes paired with 3 different intensity level for cleaning giving you a total of 12 different brushing options to provide you a deep clean! With the different modes available, you can clean your teeth with confidence and not worry about any pain! Usmile electronic toothbrushes have been carefully built to cater to sensitive teeth and gums to ensure that users can still experience a deep clean every time! No more yellow stains after your meals and bigger smiles just for you!

CY1 Soft Clean Water Flosser

With an electric toothbrush targeting your gums and teeth, it is time to paired it with an electric flosser, the CY1 Soft Clean Water Flosser will target those gaps in between your teeth to secure a better clean!

The flosser comes with 4 different modes to ensure that you can still feel comfortable while flushing out those food bits stuck in between your teeth. It also comes with different modes paired with 3 high-pressure jet tip nozzles that allows you to in between your teeth and slowly and steadily, suitable for all sizes of teeth!

Psst, you can also bring it with you for your travels, it is lightweight and handy! No more annoying experience of food getting stuck in your teeth, just a cleaner and more comfortable mouth! No matter how busy you are, going to the dentist is important but why not let Usmile lend you a helping hand during your busy schedules to further improve your oral care from the comfort of your own home?

Get all Usmile products over on Lazada or Shopee Official stores today!

Shopee ? www.bit.ly/ShopeeUSmileOfficialStore

Lazada ? www.bit.ly/LazadaUSmileOfficialStore

Oral care routine isn’t complete until usmile!

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