Cooling Guide For Beginners!

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  • 2022-12-21
Cooling Guide For Beginners!

Have a custom PC or thinking about getting one but not sure what types of cooling does your PC needs or what you want? Here’s a simple step by step guide on what you can consider! There are a total of 3 different types of cooling for custom PC at the moment Air Coolers AIO (All-in-One) Liquid Cooling Custom Water-Cooling

Most entry level to mid-tier level custom PC requires cooling that is essential for the system to run well and would not need to spend that much, therefore most new builders or people that doesn’t know what to pick can pick from the Air Coolers selections.

Note: Do remember to check the CPU and Motherboard that you own, as each type of cooler have different bracket that will be needed to be installed on the motherboard for the coolers to be mounted on. Example the LGA1700 13th Gen and 12th Gen processors by Intel requires the LGA1700 mounting bracket to be install at the back of the motherboard in order to install any of the aftermarket coolers.

Most stock coolers come with your processors when you first purchase it, it is the most entry level cooler and easy to install as well. The stock cooler comes with pre-applied thermal paste, therefore you need not apply extra thermal paste during installation.

Note: Too much or too little thermal paste is bad for your CPU, if pre-applied ones are already on your cooler, that will be sufficient.

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Do also take note that if your games or software like Adobe applications etc are CPU intensive, we will strongly advise you to get a better air cooler instead as the stock cooler might not be able to cool your CPU down as well compared to other air coolers out there.

Aftermarket Air Coolers

Aftermarket air coolers comes in different sizes and you will need to take note what type do you need and the PC case that you have. Some aftermarket air coolers are quite large due to the design of the heatsink and might not fit in your PC case. Large heatsink designs are created to dissipate heat more efficiently during usage therefore do check the official websites of the aftermarket coolers for more information on the sizes! For recommendations, we would recommend the aftermarket air cooler by Cooler Master, the Hyper 212 Turbo ARGB. it is single tower air cooler that comes with RGB fans! Who doesn’t like some colours to their coolers!

This single tower air cooler comes built with a Direct Contact Technology using copper heat pipes that creates a sleek surface for an exceptional heat dissipation. Heat travelled from the CPU’s IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) to the copper heat pipes and the heat radiating from the heatsink gets effectively dissipated with the help of the fans. This process allows your CPU to stay cool always!

Note: The IHS is the flat silver coloured surface on your processor, it is designed to efficiently distribute heat evenly to other regions of the CPU cooler/radiator.

Check out Cooler Master air coolers on Cooler Master Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada, links down below

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AIO (All-in-One) Liquid Cooling

The AIO coolers are coolers that are made up of 2 segments, the fans with a radiator and the heatsink. AIO coolers are easy to install and best part, most AIO comes pre-applied with thermal paste, so no more worries on messy application of thermal paste!

In a simple breakdown on how AIO works, the heatsink/baseplate is in contact with the IHS of the processor, and the heat energy absorb by the heatsink/baseplate is then transported to the radiator of the AIO with the help of a pump that is present in the AIO. It helps to carry the heat energy to the radiator and the fans that is mounted on the radiator helps to push out the heat effectively!

(intel, 2022)

For recommendations for new enthusiasts out there, if you want some effective cooling paired with RGB for your AIO Cooler, try the MasterLiquid series AIO by Cooler Master!

Note: AIO comes in different sizes that you will need to take note as your PC case would have the size limitations to mount the AIO radiator to! Most AIO would come in either 240mm and 360mm, they are the sizes of the fan align in series orientation to be mounted at the top or the front of your PC case. Check the brand website of your PC case to find out what size AIO would be suitable for you!

If AIO is what you want for a more sophisticated PC build, head over to Cooler Master Shopee or Lazada Official store today!

Lazada ?

Shopee ?

Custom Water Cooling

Last but not least, custom water cooling, the most amazing cooling solution for most enthusiasts out there that wants the best cooling performance for their CPU. It is similar to an AIO just that the whole process is made bigger and more complex to put together! In a nutshell, coolant is poured in the system to cool down the CPU or GPU or both, ensuring the best cooling performance for your system with the help of pipes and pump.

Note: As the coolant is a form of liquid that might damage your computer components if you are not careful during assembly of the custom water loop, your component might sustain water damage! Do seek the professionals out there for better assistance! Water damage on your experience parts like your motherboard or GPU is gonna cost you!

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There are many different ways out there for cooling your system, we highly recommend the aftermarket air coolers or AIO to efficiently cool down your system as it is simple and not as complicated compared to a custom water looped system! You can still get the RGB or colours you wanted and still be on the safer side! Custom water cooling is cool, but water damage will be the real headache if you damage your parts!


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